Working with clients to create something special and find unexpected solutions

Rohde Consulting Ltd is a brand communications consultancy providing a tailored and hands-on service adapted to the needs of your business.

Okay, let’s be honest about it. “Hands-on” means I am a one-man-band. There it is. it’s out and now you know what you are dealing with. But, think of it as a one-man-band as in a musician creating the music in his garden shed. (They always seem to have glorified garden sheds where they create don’t they?) I don’t. But, as with the musician, I also assemble top ‘performers’ in their field, it be photogaphers, copy writers, web developers or whatever your project might require. And this gives you flexibilty and saves money which means the budget is used to achieve results for you and not pay to support an expensive organisation.


Why choose Rohde Consulting Ltd?

As a brand communication consultant, my goal is to increase your exposure and give you a co-ordinated communications strategy which leads to:

  • Increased brand recognition and value
  • Increased level of service to customers
  • Increased staff engagement
  • Increased revenue

Send an email or give me a call to find out more. Email: Tel: 01484 311000